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Transparent and Secure in Decentralized  Teams

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Communication. Collaboration. Change.

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Communication. Documents. Workflows.


PIRS brings e-mails, documents and engineering processes in your projects together in one place and structures all information in one tool, so all project participants can see what happening, what the current status is and what is coming up next. 


  • Administration of Technical Documents & Drawings
  • Automated Document Transmittal Templates
  • Revision Management
  • Secure and Encrypted Data Exchange with third Parties
  • Direct Integration with all Email Platofrms (Outlook, Gmail, Lotus Notes etc.)
  • Portal - Data Rooms for external Parties (Customer, Suppliers, Partner)


of large amounts of E-Mails and Documents

„Thanks to PIRS; We can always track the information flow, we always know which information has been transmitted to the customer or to our construction site, we always know what the status of documents is with regards to approval. We also have all the communication between project members or customers available in one place, and in an easily searchable format.“


Document Controller

„The biggest benefit of PIRS is having all the information in one place and very good search function and the ability to identify communication documents and to assign these documents to a certain subject.“



Project Manager

„PIRS not only helps with documents, but also communication with one source, which I’ve not found before with other products.

PIRS is one tool and is accessible from all over the world, everyone can use it, all relevant communication and documents in one place.“


Project Director

7 smart PIRS Features

for efficient Project Communication and Document Management

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Filing Wizard

Automatic Filing of E-Mails.

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Predefined Actions

Automated Document Transmittals Templates based on standard processes.

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Drop Zone

Drag und Drop Files from File Explorer into PIRS. PIRS creates Documents automatically in PIRS after generating the Doc Nr, Revision and Status.

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Online Editing (Office 365)

Online Editing of Office Documents directly in PIRS.

5 Icon

Internal Posts

Internal Short Messages (Post-it notes) connected to related Emails & Documents.

6 Icon

Integrated File Viewer

Annotation , Redlining, Commenting of PDFs including real time Collaboration directly in PIRS.

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Workflow Engine

Flexible Workflow Engine to manage multi Discipline - Serial and Parallel Workflows.

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PIRS – the Platform for Project Collaboration and Document Management


PIRS Supports the work of EPC Contractors, Owners / Operators as well as Owners Engineers and System Suppliers across all levels of the Project.

  • Perfect Integration - Email and Document Management combined together in one Tool
  • Fast and Efficient Communication for all Project Team Members with support for structured Workflows and Revision Management


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PIRS:Claim – Change & Claim Management digitalised and automated 


Identify and Manage all Changes,  Claims, Deviations and Damages in all Project phases from the Design phase all through to Commissioning and Operations / Maintenance.

  • Standardize Digital Processes for Change and Claim Management
  • Identify Events in advance, classify and communicate them on time
  • Optimal Coordination between all members of the team, from the Site to the Engineering time as well as to external parties (Customer, Suppliers)


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PIRS:Sourcing – for RFQ Management


PIRS:Sourcing is used to Prepare Purchase Packages, send out RFQs, store Quotations and follow through on the Award Process (Purchase Order).

  • Central Collaboration Platform for Purchasing, Engineering and Suppliers

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