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With 20 years of experience in over 6.000 multi million Euro projects, PIRS is the right choice for your project!

PIRS – Project Information Retrieval System for your business

PIRS – Project Information Retrieval System – is the central collaboration and document management system for your projects. Customers from various industries all over the world are running projects of all size with PIRS. The success of PIRS is based on its unique integration of project correspondence, document and information management in combination with easy to use processes and design.

Join the PIRS community today and profit from more than 20 years of best practices from project managers, document controller and engineers!


  • Power
  • Engineering
  • Chemical
  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation
  • and many more…
Years of Project Collaboration
Multi million € projects running PIRS today
Gigabyte of project data
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PIRS is loaded with useful features, each one with its own meaningful purpose. We listen to our users for 20 years and integrate their feature requests on a regular basis. PIRS is not only built by us, but also by our users.

Correspondence Management

Easy creation and tracking of internal and external correspondence, e-mails, letters. Control your project correspondence even with more than 10.000 of correspondence items per month.

Document Management

Manage technical documents and revisions. Easy one click submission allows electronic distribution to external parties and the integrated controlling functions ensure you are always on time.

Project Collaboration meets Social

PIRS combines traditional project collaboration methods with today’s state of the art social features. Use the activity stream to get a quick overview and create posts to discuss about the latest project information.

Mobile Access

Access your project information from your mobile phone or tablet at any time. View the latest project news, search for information or write e-mails. With PIRS mobile, it has never been easier to stay informed even when you are travelling.

File Viewer & Annotations

View and annotate your documents online. No download is required. Review and approve documents and significantly reduce the time for document approval process. Our file viewer is even available within our mobile version of PIRS.

PIRS Portal

Use PIRS Portal to collaborate with your customers and suppliers: Share documents for approval with customers or invite your suppliers to deliver documents in PIRS Portal: A secure and separated environment for cross company collaboration.

Secure & Encrypted Communication

PIRS provides secure e-mail communication with external parties. Based on your existing mail encryption infrastructure, PIRS takes care of your secure communication. The great thing is: users do not have to take care, everything happens automated and transparent.

E-Mail Integration

Integrate PIRS into your existing mailing environment. It doesn’t matter what kind of system you are using: Outlook, Office 365, Google Mail or Lotus Notes – PIRS can be integrated into any mailing system: out of the box.

On-Premise or Private Cloud

Your choice: Install PIRS on-premise within your existing IT infrastructure or use our private cloud solution. Everything is possible: You can even install PIRS within your existing cloud environment (e.g. Office 365 and Microsoft Azure)

These Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Create e-mails and letters
  • Integrate your personal mailbox
  • Access your project mailboxes
  • Internal and external revisions
  • One-click submission of documents and transmittals
  • Document approval processes
  • Control submission and response deadlines
  • Share documents and correspondence
  • Project address book and groups
  • Confidential folders & documents
  • Flexible numbering systems
  • Action items and reminders
  • Multiple language support
  • Global and project dashboard
  • Powerful search and filter engine
  • Designed for large amount of project data
  • Reports (Excel, Word, PDF and more)
  • Templates for your corporate design
  • Customize project settings
  • PIRS Offline Client
  • Tags and cross references
  • And many more…
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Our Customers

Please see a selection of our customers using PIRS for many years and projects of different sizes

“PIRS has changed the way of working in many ways considerably. From the moment we introduced PIRS we could follow the design review process I had in mind for a long time and which is based on clearly defined roles & responsibilities and the usage of experts. Following this process, reflected by the workflow in PIRS, has highly improved our performance.”
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Bas Oomens, Pöyry
“Time and Cost savings can be achived especially in a project with more than 100,000 documents. I’m not aware of any other system that allows the inclusion of project correspondence in such an advanced and professional way as PIRS offers it. Already based on this feature alone, I would highly recommend PIRS.”
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Roland Gassmann, HZI

“PIRS is a tool that’s very easy to use and quick to find your way around […] If someone starts a new project and is looking for
a document management system, my recommendation will always be PIRS.”

For more videos of Bas Oomens & other customers explaining their experiences with PIRS see our Youtube channel: SOBIS on Youtube