PIRS:Claim – Deviation and claim management made easy

With 13 years of experience and developed in cooperation with professional change and claim managers all over the world, PIRS:Claim is the right choice for your project!

PIRS:Claim Controlling

PIRS:Claim – Manage deviation, changes and claims in your projects

PIRS: Claim is a system for the capture, assessment, and categorization of events, changes, and claims that arise in the course of a project. Incidents, disturbances and deviations that occur and are discovered on a daily basis, are recorded and documented in PIRS:Claim. Thus allowing to derive necessary measures and enforce them more effectively.

With PIRS:Claim you may therefore, document and monitor the progress of your project from the beginning of contract negotiations until handover to the customer.


  • Power
  • Engineering
  • Chemical
  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation
  • and many more…
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The standardized PIRS:Claim change management processes were developed with claim managers all over the world. We listen to our users for 13 years and integrate their feature requests on a regular basis. PIRS:Claim is not only built by us, but also by our users.

Deviation Management

Provide your team a central tool for easy documentation and communication of deviations and interruptions during the execution of the project. One central place for the complete documentation.

Internal Changes

Record and register internal changes with the estimated cost impact. Therefore an integrated workflow ensures the notification and approval of the project management team.

Change Management

Recording and submission of contractual changes towards client – easy tracking of variation notices and agreed variation order.

Claim Management

Predefined structure for a complete recording and preparation of information for claims toward clients or suppliers.

Lessons Learned

Achieve excellence using the integrated lessons learned process and improve your project execution methodologies.

Correspondence Integration

Integration of original correspondence to events, agreed changes or interruptions. Easy access to personal or project mailbox (Outlook, IBM Notes, Gmail,…)

Early Warning

PIRS:Claim enables you to account events precociously. Automatic notification of occurred events enables responsible’s reactions on time to save the right to claim.


PIRS:Claim also enables you to generate cross-project analysis. This shows, for example, if problems with a particular contractor are not limited to one project but occurred also in other projects.

On-Premise or Private Cloud

Your choice: Install PIRS:Claim on-premise within your existing IT infrastructure or use our private cloud solution. Everything is possible: You can even install PIRS:Claim within your existing cloud environment (e.g. Office 365 and Microsoft Azure)

These Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Integrate your personal mailbox
  • Access your project mailboxes
  • Technical and commercial follow up
  • Project address book and groups
  • Confidential commercial part
  • Flexible numbering systems
  • Action items and reminders
  • Multiple language support
  • Powerful search and filter engine
  • Designed for large amount of project data
  • Reports (Excel, Word, PDF and more)
  • Templates for your corporate design
  • Customize project settings
  • Tags and cross references
  • And many more…
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Our Customers

Please see a selection of our customers using PIRS:Claim for many years

We use PIRS:Claim to record all events and changes with claim potential. This saves us time for retrieval of information and improves the internal communication.
Claim Manager, Germany
PIRS:Claim is our standard tool especially if additional budget shall be considered in forecasts. No budget changes without an approved Internal Variation in PIRS:Claim. This enables us to identify and evaluate imminent costs in time.
Project Manager, France
Our main issue are Non Conformity Reports on site. We handle them in a easy way with PIRS:Claim and our main office is always informed about the progress.
Site Manager, Switzerland