A handful features to guide your claim in the projects

In continuation to our previous blog, we would like to bring to your notice the other important features of PIRS:Claim. Claim management is very important to resolve unforeseen situations that come up during a project. To effectively manage this we present our features below.

Categorization of cost

The values of the cost are categorized and displayed to the user, this way it is possible to show total values of every category. With this feature, the user will be able to get an overview easily. The cost categorization will be displayed under the tab “Estimated Cost Impact”.

Categorization of cost

Charge back cost

Charge back cost helps in tracking the amount that is supposed to be received from the other parties. As a claim manager, he/she would like to get an overview of all the amount which they might receive, so that they can prepare potential claims and incoming claims.

Export to MS Office Templates

This feature allows you to export your Lessons Learned into a MS Word or MS Excel template. There can be more than one template in PIRS:Claim for the user to select. All templates can completely be customized to mirror your company’s specification. Hence, they can be created automatically with one click.

As illustrated, users need to click on the tab “Create file from template” under more and will be able to select the predefined templates for exporting the Lessons Learned content.

Export to MS Office

Global view – Lesson Learned

Lessons Learned are discovered during project execution. To use Lessons Learned for future projects a global look across all projects is required and hence we arrived at this particular feature. Now you will be able to have a look at a list of all the Lessons Learned as shown below.

lessons learnt

We hope the above feature will be of help in managing claims effectively. In case you need further information on PIRS:Claim, please contact us at +49 621/1228 5656 or drop us an email at servicedesk@sobis.com