Speed up your approval process

We are glad to write in our latest blog about the two important features of PIRS: Claim: Workflow and Version functions. Workflows are a fantastic way to automate certain business processes and version functions enables the team to compare different versions of a document. Let’s have a look in detail about these two features.

Automate your workflow

The PIRS:Claim workflow is intended to support and track your internal approval processes. All most all document types contain a tab in the document content area called “Workflow”. Within this tab all the predefined workflows for your project will be presented for you to choose from the list. There is no limit on the number of workflows, so you can create as many as required.

After a workflow has been selected, the respective workflow steps will be visible in the content area of the workflow tab and the workflow can be started. At any point of the workflow, it is possible for the document owner to reset the workflow. At this point the option to change the selected workflow to another offered workflow will be presented again. Should a document be rejected the workflow will be interrupted and the document creator will be informed about the rejection. The workflow can then again be reset by the administrator or a new revision can be created after which the workflow can be started again for the new revision.


A brief on version functions

The other important feature we are going to show you today is the version functions. This feature enables you to compare the different versions of a document and is available in almost all document types. To enable the comparison, different versions of a document need to be created. This can be done either automatically or manually. Hence, it is on the one hand possible to trigger the automatic creation of a version with any workflow step. On the other hand, versions can also be created manually by clicking “More/Versions” in the menu. To compare two document versions you can simply choose any two document versions from the list of the version history window. So, instead of going through the entire document log and look for changes made, you will be able to see the changes clearly highlighted in different colors as depicted below.


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