Overview of defects during your projects

We proudly introduce a new document type in PIRS:Claim ‘The Defect Notification Report’, which helps in tracking the defects during the warranty period of a project. Based on our customer feedback and the necessity for this particular feature we have arrived at this report.

The Defect Notification Report is, an independent report and is not linked to any event. This report can be accessed with permissions similar to other recording document types.

Defect Notification Report:

This report is visible under” Warranty” in the navigation bar as shown in the screen shot below. The user can click on the ‘New Defect Notification Report’-button, to create a new one. By clicking on the button “New Defect Notification Report” the user is able to note done all necessary information regarding a reported defect by the customer.

Defect Notification Report

Report in detail:

The Defect Notification report captures all the important details of the identified defect like: responsible person, type of issue, description of the defect, date of incident, type of issue etc.

There is a field to record the impact and also the estimated cost which might occur due to the defect. The user will also be able to define a workflow, so that the authorized person can decide, if the defect is approved or not. With the action items, you will be able to assign the tasks and work towards its completion. Of course, there is also the possibility to add external links.

Defect Notification Report

Benefits of Defect Notification Report:

  • Central repository to record all the defects.
  • Track the defects and customer complaints under warranty.
  • Responsible people can act immediately through action items.
  • Each Defect Notification Report gets a unique document number, which helps retrieval in future.
  • Saves time & cost.

To learn more about the new document type of PIRS:Claim, please call us at +49 621/1228 5656 or drop us an email at servicedesk@sobis.com