Discover the new features of PIRS:Claim

Managing claims in any business are critical. When the business is small, it needs careful attention to grow & after your business gain success, you have even more to manage and deal with. The more claims your projects can handle, the more money your projects can make. In order for that to happen, you need to optimize your processes.

The below mentioned new features of PIRS:Claim, helps in achieving effective claim management:

Add External Links:

This feature gives the users the possibility to refer to the correspondences and documents in PIRS or PIRS:Claim as well as to other web sites (starting with http or https) . While creating any document type, user will be able to add related external link as shown in the screen shot below.

Document Number:

The document number is unique and could be customized to the customer’s preferences. The number can for example, contain a company code of the contractual partner. In the below screen shot the document number is for Change Order request for the company Ministry of Electricity & Water (company code: MEW) followed by a counting number.

Enable & Disable Modules:

Since our release of PIRS:Claim 3.7, it is possible to enable or disable document types (forms) in navigation grid, as per customer requirements. It is always possible to enable or disable document types during the project itself, e.g. activating Defect Notification Report in the end of the project when the project is handover to the customer (Warranty phase).

Help link (in Documents):

It is now easy to access a help link, as it is available directly from the document. We can define for every document type a separate link which can also be an intranet site or a website.



PIRS:Claim has a navigation grid, which makes it easy to recognize the different access levels. Recording is for all „Create“ users and above, Commercial is for all „Claim“ users and above, Risk & Opportunity is for all „Claim“ users and above. The user will be able to see all document categorizes by topic and can easily understand the purpose of every type.


Watch for more features of PIRS:Claim in our next blog, till then please feel free to reach us at +49 621/1228 5656 or drop us an email at