Discover & benefit from hidden knowledge available in your communication systems

In addition to classical communication methods by letter, nowadays internal as well as external communication is mainly done via e-mail. During projects that can go on for several years, a large amount of information is gathered which in the best case scenario is stored based on certain classifications. Traditionally users search for specific information only based on keywords.

For projects in the EPC business where an average of 6,000 to 8,000 e-mails / month are sent per project, this is a major challenge since valuable information is not used.

This is where PIRS:Analytics does its magic. Using current technologies (trend analysis, clustering, natural language processing, graph databases), PIRS:Analytics highlights how current management, project management and all project members are supported in terms of:

  • Linking of originally independent communication (e-mails / letters / etc …) and processes
  • Identifying trends & possible risks within projects
  • Pointing out interesting topics in the project (Recommendation Engine)
  • Analysis of project and project portfolio structures (who knows whom, who works with which customer, supplier, consultant or team member), aiming to identify knowledge carriers