Discover a new way to manage comments

6 Reasons to manage your comments with PIRS Communication, team work and efficient collaboration internally as well as with all external members of a project, those are the key elements that can make or break your project. Especially during large EPC projects collaboration is vital. Several parties are involved and thousands of documents [...]

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New in PIRS

The right way, at the right time in the right place When your projects are comfortably humming along building up and gathering a lot of correspondence, information & documents, everything that helps you to save a step here or there and save time along the way is appreciated. Our PIRS technical team has [...]

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PIRS:Claim – ‘Defect Notification Report’

Overview of defects during your projects We proudly introduce a new document type in PIRS:Claim ‘The Defect Notification Report’, which helps in tracking the defects during the warranty period of a project. Based on our customer feedback and the necessity for this particular feature we have arrived at this report. The Defect Notification [...]

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PIRS:Claim 3.7 – Highlights

Discover the new features of PIRS:Claim Managing claims in any business are critical. When the business is small, it needs careful attention to grow & after your business gain success, you have even more to manage and deal with. The more claims your projects can handle, the more money your projects can make. [...]

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Master your supplier data with PIRS:Sourcing

Standardize and Optimize your Supplier Management Supplier management is more than simply buying raw materials. It is an art of identifying, sourcing, negotiating and procuring a service or good that is essential for a company's ongoing operations according to the wishes of the organization's goals & stakeholders. PIRS:Sourcing It supports the entire [...]

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PIRS 3.3 Release Features II

Enhance document and information management with PIRS 3.3 features Today we will cover two new features of PIRS 3.3 release. Firstly, we will take a look at the new option to export meta information of PIRS documents to Word or Excel files. Secondly, we present you a new easy way to directly see [...]

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PIRS 3.3 Release Feature I – Reference Number Category

Ideal approach to improve communication One of the significant features of PIRS 3.3 release is the Reference Number Category. It extends the unique PIRS Reference Number, which is a combination of sender code, recipient code and sequential number with a category code. Instead of the current Reference Number, e.g. SOB/SOB/00001 it’s now possible [...]

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Is your Data safe?

What does data safety mean to you? Data safety should be an important area of concern for every business. However, there is a lot of room for improvement in most companies. Data safety not to be confused with data security basically means to keep all data stored physically or electronically against loss by [...]

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