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We are an international IT company specialized in software solutions for large EPC projects concentrating on sectors power, chemical, water and transportation. Founded in 1998 in Mannheim, SOBIS employs about 75 skilled specialists worldwide. Besides the German head office responsible for the European and American market, we have additional offices in
India, Dubai and Saudi Arabia taking care of our Asian and Middle Eastern customers.

Our customers rely on our software solutions since 1998. They directly benefit from our hereby gained experience which allows us to continuously adapt our software to the requirements of modern plant engineering and construction companies. Our standard products, PIRS and PIRS:Claim, support teams during project execution, in the area of correspondence management and the distribution, revision and storage of technical documents, as well as in area of change and claim management.

We provide software that is tailored to our customers specific requirements. Our top priority is to work in close cooperation with our customers. We support the entire process, starting with the conception and the development, to the roll-out and implementation of an application. By combining the knowledge of SOBIS employees from all our locations in one common pool, resources can be utilized optimally and flexibly across various countries. Benefit from our experience and knowledge in the area of software development, support and project management!

We put special emphasis on quality standards which we improve by continuously educating our employees and by following internationally recognized guidelines. In addition to our Java, Oracle and IBM Notes certified software developers, our trained service desk employees support our customers according to the ITIL® best practice approach. SOBIS also meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standard for the optimization of business processes. Various large companies rely on our quality standards and our working methods. We are longtime IBM Premier Business Partner and member of the Microsoft Partner Network.

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Application Development & Infrastructure

Our development team applies the newest agile methodology. Hereby we concentrate on the development of platform independent rich internet (web) applications, mobile business applications for smartphones and tablets as well as applications based on IBM Notes and Microsoft SharePoint.

Consulting & Services

Based on our extensive project experience, we are able to offer you expert consulting services. Hereby we always focus on improving the efficiency of your project processes and ensuring a successful project outcome.

Business tool requirements can be implemented as web applications which offer the advantage of being independent from any platform. Users can operate them using a browser without relying on additional software. Software updates can be implemented easily and users will always work with the newest version.
Being able to work on the road is a necessity now-a-days. Data stored within your systems can be accessed quickly and easily using mobile apps running on devices such as smartphones or tablets. We develop mobile business applications to fit your specific needs.
In case the required internal IT infrastructure to run our applications is not available, we provide a hosting option for your applications in a modern data center (Cloud). Our certified data center satisfies the latest standards in terms of, e.g. fire protection, reliability and security.
Your organization uses IBM Notes? You may benefit from our 16+ years of experience in using, developing and administering IBM Notes applications, clients and servers. Today, many of our individual IBM Notes applications are still in use with great success. We also develop your customized IBM Notes application.
We offer the implementation and customization of your Microsoft SharePoint applications. We provide a range of solutions starting by developing minor additional features, up to implementing entire individual solutions.
Each industry sector and business area usually uses its own specific software. Nevertheless, there are often overlaps between the individual systems. For this requirement we develop special interfaces allowing users to access data from one system while working in another.
When projects last several years, a large amount of data is generated and it becomes necessary to store legacy data in archives. Another reason to request an archive solution could be a change in technology, especially when licensing costs for old and new systems are incurred. Therefore, we offer to archive data on external storage media (e.g. DVDs or hard disks).
Due to technical progress, older systems are often replaced by modern applications. However, legacy data needs to be available while working with the new systems. We assist with the migration of your old data to your new system.
Due to the continuous improvement of Notes by IBM, newer versions offer more creative leeway to modify applications than they used to. User-friendly interfaces are gaining in importance. We offer the service of a graphical facelift for your IBM Notes applications.
Our service team is certified in ITIL® standard service management methods and follows ITIL® processes for our incident, problem and change management. We offer quick and competent services to all our clients. Our Service Desk team in Mannheim offers support to our customers worldwide via telephone, e-mail and remote access. The Asian market is also supported by our Indian Service Desk team. In addition to their IT know-how, our
employees also have knowledge about the efficient usage of software deployed in EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) projects.
During our PIRS and PIRS:Claim training, we show how our applications will support you in your daily work. In order to be able to focus on each participant, we hold our trainings in small groups. Our PIRS instructors will adapt your sessions considering the roles of the participants – project managers, engineers, document controllers or administrators – and focus on their responsibilities. Concerning PIRS:Claim, we differentiate between claim managers, project managers and the project team. Depending on the respective participants, our instructors will focus on and emphasize certain features. Based on the area of responsibility, our training provides each team member with the knowledge to use our software most effectively.

Training for Custom-Designed Software
In addition to the training for our standard applications and in order to allow a higher acceptance of our applications within your company, we offer training for all software that was custom-designed by SOBIS.

IBM Notes / Domino Training
During our IBM Notes user training you learn about the IBM Notes main features – e.g.mailing, calendar, task management, search and find, database replication and Sametime chat. In order to ensure an optimal training environment we suggest holding the sessions in small groups. The IBM Domino administrator training provides you with the knowledge required to ad-minister an IBM Domino environment. Topics such as the usage of the Domino Administrator Client, the Domino Directory, replication management, mail routing, user management, policies, and SMTP routing as well as error-handling procedures are being addressed.

We offer advisory services for managing project information. Our experienced consultants first analyze your current procedures concerning the management of project information. Subsequent to this assessment they suggest constructive process improvements, supported by suitable software solutions to improve your project efficiency.
We analyze the document flow in your project and help to optimize the document review and approval process internally, and with your external partners.
In close cooperation with professional claim consultant companies, we offer consultant services for the operational area of claim management. Hereby we advise you on reducing the workload of claim management by using software. In order to avoid possible penalties and project delays, we put an emphasis on the documentation of all project deviations throughout the project duration. Our consultants will show you methods and tools to best document all occurring events, thus securing a positive outcome of your project.
In terms of questions and issues concerning IBM Notes / Domino you can greatly profit from our years of experience in this area, since 1998. Our knowledge covers all areas starting from the development of applications, server and infrastructure administration as well as service management. That’s how we earned our IBM Premier Business Partnership.
We offer expert advice and support, from the preparation and implementation to the integration and operation of Microsoft SharePoint applications.
The foundation of any IT-supported business process is a robust and flexible IT infrastructure. Our experts offer assistance and advice on required expansions and optimizations of your infrastructure.

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