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PIRS:Sourcing – Cover the whole sourcing process with potential and qualified suppliers

PIRS:Sourcing covers the whole sourcing process from supplier identification, qualification and development up to project based Request for Quotation (RfQ) and Award Management. Due to the Project Portfolio Management, a supplier portal and a central Collaboration Platform for procurement, engineering and suppliers PIRS:Sourcing makes your project based sourcing easy.

Developed in close cooperation with our customers, PIRS:Sourcing provides the features you really need!


  • Power
  • Engineering
  • Chemical
  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation
  • and many more…
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PIRS:Sourcing is developed in close cooperation with our customers and offers therefore all functions, your purchasing department needs for large-scale projects. Cut down your sourcing cycles and make savings in purchase, thanks to the use of PIRS:Sourcing.

Supplier Portal

Let your suppliers do their work at any time from any place. From self-registration, updating their company and RfI information up to access to technical documentation, attendance at RfQs and submit quotations. Suppliers are also be able to see audit results and required action plans.

Supplier Management

Manage all your suppliers, contacts and contracts at a single place and avoid duplicated data. Profit by always up-to-date business information thanks to our interface to Dun & Bradstreet.

Project Portfolio Management

PIRS:Sourcing supports your Project Portfolio Management including lots and work packages. It enables you to map your project based business processes to your sourcing solution.


Define and use your own templates for different types of suppliers and receive business critical information. You’re able to rate the supplier and determine prospective suppliers.

RFQ & Award Management

Individual RfQ creation, scheduling based on project scope and time schedule and an easy award management for your project based RfQs are part of PIRS:Sourcing.

Collaboration Platform

Due to a common collaboration platform the internal and external communication between suppliers, procurement and engineering can be streamlined and you avoid losing information in personal mailboxes.

Long Term Supplier Capability Scoring

Benchmark your supplier performances in terms of their general risk as assessed within the RfI, known issues as identified by audits and from previous project performance. Identify your best performing suppliers.

Audits & Supplier Development

PIRS:Sourcing provides the follow up of supplier audits and gives the opportunity to place audit requests. Furthermore it supports Supplier Development by defining Action Plans.

On-Premise or Private Cloud

Your choice: Install PIRS:Sourcing on-premise within your existing IT infrastructure or use our private cloud solution. Everything is possible: You can even install PIRS:Sourcing within your existing cloud environment (e.g. Office 365 and Microsoft Azure)

These Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • E-mail notifications
  • Forum between buyers, engineers and suppliers
  • Supplier contact management
  • Automated assessment of RfI and RfQ
  • Identify strategic suppliers
  • Action Plans
  • Powerful search and filter engine
  • Global and project dashboards
  • Scorecards and comparisons
  • Reports (Excel, Word, PDF and more)
  • Templates for your corporate design
  • Communication History
  • And many more…
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What our customers say

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