The right way, at the right time in the right place

When your projects are comfortably humming along building up and gathering a lot of correspondence, information & documents, everything that helps you to save a step here or there and save time along the way is appreciated.

Our PIRS technical team has put in a lot of effort to arrive at the below mentioned new features which will help you to save time on the sidelines. Time you can invest into executing your projects.

Highlights – PIRS Release 3.4

1. Single Sign On

Now PIRS supports Single Sign On via Federated Identity Management Service (FIMS).

Once this feature is enabled, PIRS recognizes you automatically within your company network.

There is no need to login and logout manually or to remember multiple user names and passwords.

2. Modify multiple action items

This new feature helps to modify multiple action items in one step via bulk changes. So you can for example assign multiple tasks to your co-workers or change the completion date or due date of multiple tasks all in one go.

Simply select the action items which need to get adjusted, choose the respective fields and select the new value as illustrated in the screen shots below.

3. “Select All” option in column filters

PIRS filters are a bliss. They help you to go through large numbers of documents and quickly find exactly what you are looking for. Filters allow you to select exactly the value or values that fit your search criteria for each column. Sometimes there are several dozen of values to choose from and selecting all that you need might be a bit time consuming. With our 3.4 release you can now choose the “select all” option. This way you can select all values and then deselect those from a long list that you don’t require.



Do you want to learn more about our new release or about PIRS in general? Feel free to contact us at +49 621/1228 5656 or drop us an email at