Standardize and Optimize your Supplier Management

Supplier management is more than simply buying raw materials. It is an art of identifying, sourcing, negotiating and procuring a service or good that is essential for a company’s ongoing operations according to the wishes of the organization’s goals & stakeholders.


It supports the entire sourcing process from supplier identification, qualification and relationship development up to project based Request for Quotation (RFQ) and award management.

The three important areas of effective supplier management are: Supplier Management, Sourcing and Supplier Scoring. All of them are covered in our PIRS:Sourcing application. This enables to stay organized throughout the tendering, procurement as well as execution phase of a project.

PIRS Sourcing

PIRS:Sourcing  – Supplier Management

PIRS:Sourcing is a central place for identifying & evaluating your suppliers as well as your supplier contacts based on services, materials or components they supply. By allowing supplier to self-register as well as access and manage their company and project specific information within the PIRS:Sourcing Portal, you no longer need to manually file and update supplier data. Specific Request for Information (RFI) can be requested through the application in order to gather supplier’s company information and which in turn helps to evaluate the supplier.

PIRS:Sourcing  – Sourcing

It helps to manage and monitor the entire project-based sourcing process. You may invite supplier to attend a project specific Request for Quotation (RFQ) to be answered and submitted within PIRS:Sourcing Portal. Here, there is an option to create predefined questionnaire templates, which saves time and helps to record the required technical details. It helps in comparing quotations and award contracts to the supplier who has quoted the best price.

PIRS:Sourcing  – Supplier Scoring

Supplier scoring is an important part of the supply management. Based on the RFI, audit and long term performance evaluation, it helps in calculating a capable score for each supplier. Individual RFI documents allow to collect and score supplier information with individual weights for various questions. In addition, questions can be auto-scored in order to calculate the final score automatically. Audits support the evaluation of the supplier process as well as on time delivery, delivered product quality, site work performance and claim behavior.

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