6 Reasons to manage your comments with PIRS

Communication, team work and efficient collaboration internally as well as with all external members of a project, those are the key elements that can make or break your project.

Especially during large EPC projects collaboration is vital. Several parties are involved and thousands of documents have to be reviewed, revised, commented on, approved and the final versions used for construction and the as built documentation.

Comments play a vital role in the entire process of reviewing till the final document is released. There are several different ways comments are exchanged, some good…some not so good.

We at SOBIS have learned from our customers and have taken their feedback to heart, to come up with a new solution that will allow users not only to manage, trace and track their documents, revisions and communication but have precisely one common place to leave, share and exchange their views internally as well as externally for each document and its revisions. We call it “Comment Review Sheet”.

Comment Review Sheet  (CRS)

When reviewing a document either on your screen or the good old way as a print out on your desk, you are probably used to leave your remarks directly on the drawing. But we all know that it gets rather difficult to follow up on the remarks and comments of several people, made directly on a document.

Also, once you create a new revision all those comments are lost, more or less. Therefore, comments are usually recorded in lists which are then attached, changed and reattached to the document. With the PIRS Comment Review Sheet this is no longer necessary.

6 Reasons why you should work with PIRS CRS:

  • Make remarks directly attached to the reviewed document
  • Have a standard, companywide process to leave & share comments
  • Automatically create & maintain a central list of all comments that can be exported to Excel
  • Follow up on each comment with status, responsible & discipline
  • Include open comments from previous revisions in latest revision
  • Share comments between all parties internally as well as externally

The CRS is a new section directly integrated into a PIRS document, herby allowing PIRS users to comment on every document revision as they are accustomed to, by making a list. Each item within the list reflects one open point or remark that needs to be addressed.

With our CRS the big difference is, that this list is already linked to your document, can be maintained directly within the revision and each item on the list can be followed up according to urgency, status and responsible until the issue is closed.

So, it is used for the entire internal review process, documenting feedback from all responsible participants and creating new document revisions based on the feedback of the CRS process. In order to easily share comments with externals, the content of the CRS can be included as Excel file when sending documents from PIRS automatically. In addition you can of course create said Excel sheet at any point of the process and submit it to your suppliers, consultants or customers separately.


There are no limitations on how many comment items you and your team will create within the Comment Review Sheet tab. And, in order to save even more time during the commenting process, user can also create and use templates for each item they create within the CRS.

In addition, can easily reply to each made remark directly within the CRS. It is also very easy to integrate with your approval workflows and cross-revision comment cycles.

Would you like to learn more about CRS, please feel free to contact us at +49 621/1228 5656 or drop us an email at servicedesk@sobis.com