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PIRS:Claim – Highlights II

A handful features to guide your claim in the projects In continuation to our previous blog, we would like to bring to your notice the other important features of PIRS:Claim. Claim management is very important to resolve unforeseen situations that come up during a project. To effectively manage this we present our features [...]

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PIRS:Claim – Highlights I

Speed up your approval process We are glad to write in our latest blog about the two important features of PIRS: Claim: Workflow and Version functions. Workflows are a fantastic way to automate certain business processes and version functions enables the team to compare different versions of a document. Let’s have a look [...]

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PIRS:Claim now in German

Your project’s data is now available in German Our mission is to make working with PIRS:Claim as easy as possible for everyone. We at SOBIS strive towards continual improvement to constantly adapt our products to suit our customer’s needs. In this view, we are glad to inform you that we have released PIRS:Claim [...]

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PIRS:Claim – ‘Defect Notification Report’

Overview of defects during your projects We proudly introduce a new document type in PIRS:Claim ‘The Defect Notification Report’, which helps in tracking the defects during the warranty period of a project. Based on our customer feedback and the necessity for this particular feature we have arrived at this report. The Defect Notification [...]

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PIRS:Claim 3.7 – Highlights

Discover the new features of PIRS:Claim Managing claims in any business are critical. When the business is small, it needs careful attention to grow & after your business gain success, you have even more to manage and deal with. The more claims your projects can handle, the more money your projects can make. [...]

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Master your supplier data with PIRS:Sourcing

Standardize and Optimize your Supplier Management Supplier management is more than simply buying raw materials. It is an art of identifying, sourcing, negotiating and procuring a service or good that is essential for a company's ongoing operations according to the wishes of the organization's goals & stakeholders. PIRS:Sourcing It supports the entire [...]

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Reduce risks & increase opportunities!

Risks & opportunities - How are they managed over time, in different project types ... A successful project depends on how well the project risks are managed and how well the project opportunities are identified by the team.  In order to manage risk, the claim manager needs to first identify & understand them. [...]

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Manage Order on Site with PIRS:Claim!

Prepare and track orders made directly on site What could be simpler? The Project team plans and order materials, which are delivered to the project site and the team works effectively? Yes, it should be simple, but many times this may not be the case, often there is a shortage of materials and [...]

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Report a damage with PIRS:Claim

How a claim’s journey might be transformed Every project undergoes a number of damages because of loss events, incidents or accidents. All damages should be recorded properly to claim a refund from the particular insurer. For instance, the exact date & time, the witnesses and the inspection by the police should be recorded [...]

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