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Discover a new way to manage comments

6 Reasons to manage your comments with PIRS Communication, team work and efficient collaboration internally as well as with all external members of a project, those are the key elements that can make or break your project. Especially during large EPC projects collaboration is vital. Several parties are involved and thousands of documents [...]

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New in PIRS

The right way, at the right time in the right place When your projects are comfortably humming along building up and gathering a lot of correspondence, information & documents, everything that helps you to save a step here or there and save time along the way is appreciated. Our PIRS technical team has [...]

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Sharpen your Data Security!

How secure is your sensitive data? Are you safe from being hacked? Data Security and Data Safety are often considered the same, though they are completely different from each other. Data Safety concerns protecting data against loss, for example data loss by virus attack or by electric fluctuation, etc. Data Security involves preventing [...]

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Offline access with PIRS:Site

Access and review your project documents, anytime anywhere Project information as well as access to latest project documents or documentation is required at any time during the project. Regardless of who needs the information or when they need it, usually access is not available when it is needed or most convenient. What happens [...]

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How efficient is your correspondence management?

E-mail management challenges & solutions E-mails have changed the way we all communicate; it is quick and always accessible. We check it at work, at home, on our mobiles, iPad’s, tablets etc etc. It’s everywhere and available at all times. This also presents companies with a new challenge, since they might lose business [...]

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Digital Annotation with PIRS:File Viewer

5 key benefits of Digital Annotation! Writing annotations is probably as old as writing itself. Generally, an annotation is a note added to a drawing or any kind of text as a comment or explanation. They are essential remarks created to draw attention to or highlight a certain area. The purpose of course [...]

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Interview with Douglas Else-Jack (HZI) on optimizing eProcurement

The perfect tool for optimized eProcurement At a first glance, the work of a supply manager seems rather simple. The project, the project manager or general internal needs dictate what has to be bought or which services need to be outsourced and the buyer looks for the best offer on the market. Sounds [...]

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Change Order Requests from Suppliers

How can you efficiently manage change order requests from your suppliers When we talk about change order requests that need to be managed during the execution of a plant engineering project, we usually think about requests made by the customer. Especially during the first phases of an EPC project, it is common and [...]

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PIRS Contact Groups

Select the right recipients – quick & easy You might have come across following situation: you need to send emails to a recurring group of recipients and you are looking for options to quickly enter exactly those recipients. As PIRS user you are probably used to working with contact groups which allow you [...]

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PIRS:Claim to stay within the margins

Manage technical deviations – Nonconformity Report Project margins get smaller and smaller. This means there is hardly any room for delays or additional costs. So, it becomes more and more important to ensure that neither happens to begin with and if additional cost or costly delays occur to be prepared. But how…? To [...]

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